Armato concrete seafloor cable protection.

Armato protects sea-based cables against storms and ice. When tempest occur the cables are as most exposed as the waves are building up against windmill foundations, or in case of heavy ice impact.

At Väner Kraft’s wind farm in Vänern, the biggest lake in Sweden, Armato’s cable protection has been placed since spring 2009. Armato’s cable protection has been exposed to many storms and heavy ice impact in Vänern and has not been changing position or let the cables take any damage from natural forces.

Closest to the concrete foundation thecable protection is secured with a chain-cable.

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Armato’s environmental friendly cable protection

Armato’s cable protection will with its many holes become habitat for fish and other marine life that is in need of an enhanced environment. 

Technical information

Length: 220 cm
Width: 120 cm
Height: 43 cm
Weight: 920 kg

Exposure class: XS3
Condition qualifier: C40/50. STD Vct max 0,40
Maximum stone size 25mm, S4
Reinforcement qualifiers. B500BT

Armato’s seafloor cable protection is with its perforation of holes designed to decrease hydrodynamic lift from wave energy and water streams, as well as eliminate erosion around the cable protection. The heavy weight, width, and vaulted shape of the cable protection, together with a strong linkage connecting the units, will make the cable protection stay securely on the seafloor. The linkage construction and the element design enables to place the elements in radius and above uneven grounds.

Armato cable protection has a concrete thickness of 20cm and is heavily armored in order to resist forces from wave movement, storms, ice, and fishing gear.

The linkage between the concrete elements is of flat steel 15x100mm 1 unit and 10x100mm 2 units, locked with M30 bolt. The linkage can be delivered untreated or galvanized.

The belt that secures the cable, both lateral and vertical, against the seafloor is aging-resistance, UV-resistance and withstands petrochemical substances. When the belt is 20cm width it has a tensile strength of 16000 N/20cm, the pressure against the cable is about 120kg, divided to about 160cm2.


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Armatos’ smaller cable protection

Armato’s smaller concrete seafloor cable protection, for fjords and inshore.

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Teknisk information

Length: 220cm
Width: 73cm    
Height: 35cm    
Weight: 390kg

Exposure class: XS 3
Condition qualifier: C40/50.     STD Vct. Max 0.40
Maximum stone size 25mm, S4
Reinforcement qualifiers. B 500 BT






The interconnection between each concrete element is made out of flat steel 1 piece 15X80mm and 2 pieces 10X80mm, which are locked with a M24 bolt.